Door contacts in HabPanel

I again feel I must be missing something obvious with this.

I have several door contacts. Their bindings correctly show open/closed, not on/off. Each one has an entry in my item file, and the logs show them working properly with open and close entries.

// Security Devices
Contact deck_door "Deck Door [%s]" (doors) {channel="zwave:device:1646d825604:node30:sensor_door"}
Contact front_door "Front Door [%s]" (doors) {channel="zwave:device:1646d825604:node31:sensor_door"}

My question is how on earth do I display the door status in HabPanel??? I’d like the widget to show an icon of and open or closed door, along with open/closed text. And I see no means to do that in habpanel. Googling the last hour, I find only solutions to make things aren’t open/close contacts act like contacts.