Door sensor SM810

I’ve just got door/window sensor Everspring SM810.
It has two sensors:

  • Binary Sensor,
  • Battery Level
    So I’ve added the sensor as a thing in PaperUI. Then using VS Code I’ve added this sensors to items and sitemap.
    What I see in my UI at the Binary Sensor is two buttons - ‘Triggered’ and ‘Untriggered’. Do you know how to receive info about the door’s state?


Which UI? Please post you Item definition.

Switch DoorDetector {channel=“zwave:device:afb58d10:node7:sensor_binary”}
Number DoorDetectorBatt {channel=“zwave:device:afb58d10:node7:battery-level”}

Where channels are copy-paste from PaperUI -> Things

Try looking in Paper UI> Control. But Paper UI is really only for maintenance. For a UI that is made for displaying Item states, setup a sitemap and use Basic UI. Or you could also use Habpanel.

The problem is I can’t receive any signal from the sensor. It is connected in PaperUI.

I created a sitemap and in this the Switch shows up as a two buttons - Triggered and Untriggered.

How can I receive signal?

I think I understand you now… your trouble is not in displaying the Item, but in receiving reports from the device. Check in Habmin to see if the device has been initialized. Since it is battery powered, you may need to wake it up a few times. Habmin will show where the device is in the initialization process. If waking it up does not help, you may need to enable debugging for the binding and look into the log.

Another thing to check is that, because you are using the SENSOR_BINARY channel, you will need to add the controller to group 2, as per the manual (you read this, right? :wink:) . The manual says that the device also supports NOTIFICATION_V8, but the device database does not have this command class, or the Channels for the the tamper sensor or door sensor. This should be updated. Are you familiar with updating the database? If not, someone here can help (I’m short on time right now, but will help out if nobody else can).

Just a note to avoid confusion - the database doesn’t show NOTIFICATION - you should use ALARM instead. It’s the same thing - ZWave changed the name of the command class after ALARM_V3 it became NOTIFICATION_V3 - since the database can’t have two command classes with the same number, I’ve left it as ALARM to be consistent with the binding (which also can’t have multiple command classes linked to the same ID).