Doorbell button

I’m looking for a button to use as a doorbell. I’d prefer z-wave since I have that working nicely already. Battery operated since I have no wiring available at the door. Weather proof of course. I can use a couple of Sonos speakers as sound output but I need a button of some sort to trigger.

I’ve tried the zigbee Aqara mini switch but can’t get it setup through an old Nortek controller I had sitting around. Not very interested in fighting that much further since I have no other zigbee devices currently.

Also tried the Aeotec Siren 6 but that was a huge hassle configuring it and it was incredibly loud since it’s a siren by design.

My previous solution was the Aeotec Doorbell 5 which worked nicely but got accidentally damaged.

That is not fully supported by the OH binding either. The Doorbell 6 is the same thing, but sold with wireless buttons.

You can attach any pushbutton to a fibaro smartimplant, or a v2 door/window/contact sensor.
Or any.other zwave device that can handle binary input.
See my two tutorials on pushbutton for a smokemachine. You don’t need any relays or anything.

And implant

@Seaside, a quick glance at that smartimplant seems like it needs a power supply. I don’t have any wiring at the door currently so I really need a battery operated button of some sort. Unless I’m reading the manual from Fibaro wrong.

LOL since you appear to be in the US, here is a button


I liked that option. The spousal unit did not say no. She said “F*&^ NO!”

You need a wireless button?

The door window sensor is battery operated but not intended to be used as the button, just the sensor that the button has been pushed. You attache wires.from the button to the sensor.

If you have wires on the.outside.of can power the smart implant somewhere else.

If you need a true.wireless.button for outdoor usage I would.look at 433 mhz devices

That’s the way I’m going to go with it. Fibaro FGK-104 on the inside of the wall next to the front door. A simple momentary switch on the outside. Just need to push a couple wires between the two and I can get events from the sensor and trigger any number of actions from that.