DoorBird - Event about pressing exit button?

Hi All,
I have Doorbird D101S.
I wanted to use exit button funcionality. It releases relay when someone clicks some external button.
It works immediately but relay is ON only when this button is pressed. I have relay with no memory and don’t want to change it.
From DoorBird app perspective there is no parameter responsible for delay in context of exit button.
As I had setup Doobird binding in Openhab I thought that maybe I could have rule detecting that someone pushed exit button and then release relay from Openhab.
The problem is that I don’t see such event within binding. Do I miss something? Maybe such event could be exposed, are there any Doorbird logs accessible via API?

To the best of my knowledge, this is not possible. The Doorbird API spec only shows how to energize the relay. There’s no API call to de-energize it. I have no idea why they did it this way. Seems very odd to me.

See page 12.

Thank you for response and shared doc.
I hope you meant only API part and fact that there is indeed no explicit info about exit button.
I see there section „ EVENT MONITORING (UDP BROADCASTS)” I wonder if there is event about clicking exit button or releasing relay which could be listened within openHAB.

The UDP broadcasts contain only doorbell pressed and motion events. They claim they will add more events, but they’ve been saying that for well over a year now.

To the best of my knowledge there’s no way to detect when a relay is de-energized.

Thank you for confirmation. I wrote to DoorBird. Hopefully they will propose something reasonable.

Sounds good. Please let me know what you hear back from them.

They wrote:
“The B1/B2 contact on the D101 is not very flexible and has no software part to it you could use in the app or via API. It just triggers the relay contact directly.”
They proposed using:

However I am going to use this button:

and somehow integrate it with OpenHAB/DoorBird integration.

How comical. They complain about their own product. Maybe they should try to fix it. LOL