DOTTI Smart Pixel Art Light

I have been thinking about having one of my developers write a binding for DOTTI and wanted to see if anyone was interested in that.

I think it could be quite useful for notifications, my only concern tho is that it is bluetooth so I am worried about range.

Anyone know of anything else like this that is WiFi?

I’m not aware of a finished solution, but you could build your own:

For the feather there is already a pre designed 4x8 pixel shield available to get a really small device

However, you might want to go with a larger matrix…

Programming the stuff is easy with polished libraries of Adafruit.

WLan, however, will quickly drain your battery, so ZWave might have less battery consumption. Those Neopixels also use quite some power with 60mA/LED at full bright white, so you need to dim those lights if you want to go without plug with the device.