Double "Home" sitemap

I just installed OpenHABian a few days ago so I’m pretty new still.
I used/started now quite a few different UIs and clients so I’m not sure if this triggered it somehow but I’m now in a situation where I have in some UIs and clients two sitemaps which are both called “Home”.
One is created by me via file configuration:
sitemap default label=“Home” {}
but I have no idea where the other came from. For sure it does not exist in the config files.

Is this normal and I’m just not supposed to call my default (or any) sitemap also “Home”?

Yes it is a default sitemap built by the server which is in fact an entry point to all your things.

Apologies for reviving an old thread, but is there any way to hide this default sitemap in the app?

Since this default sitemp is build automatically by the system, it can’t (easily) be hidden. However, if you setup the UI with your sitemap as “Default Sitemap” (done in PaperUI Cofig- Services UI Configuration), yours will be loaded initially all the time.