Double items or what is the problem?

What can be the problem when my hue-lamps have double info when I look at the Control-panel of Paper UI?
This has appeared over time, somehow.

I have tried to delete the things, also the binding and add them again, but they show up like this anyway?


Did you use .items files in addition to PaperUI ? That’ll result in two items.

I could have had items for them in the past. But I checked my current .items-files and I have an item for another hue-thing, but only one channel.

Color       Hue_Vaxtlampa       "Hue Växtlampa"     <light>         {channel="hue:0210:001788217f28:5:color"}

I have 5 Hue-things in total and they all show the same double information in Paper UI (including Hue-Vaxtlampa)