Double Z-wave devices

Every time i have a Z-wave device added to the network a doublet unkown z-wave device with another node is also added ?? I use Paper UI to add things. What is going on here.

I use the latest test version 2.4.0~M4-1

You don’t by chance have two versions of the zwave binding running at the same time?

How would I check that ??

Look in the Karaf console…

You can enter the following command and if it returns more than one, you have multiple bindings installed.

bundle:list | grep "ZWave"

With that command I only get this line:

236 x Active x 80 x 2.4.0.M4 x ZWave Binding

So I believe that is not the problem ??

It’s not possible to have 2 bindings running with the same stick. The issue is more likely to be related to controller to device issues - I don’t know what would cause this though. It can happen occasionally due to failures with communications during inclusion, but if it’s systematic, then maybe it’s something like a faulty controller?

It is more or less systematic. I use the first razberry controller… maybe I will try and buy the newer version with bigger antenna.