Doubt about PaperUI (control) and items in .item file

Hi all, I’m using OH1 for a long time and now I’m moving my home controller to OH2.

I’m using stable release and I’ve installed needed bindings through PaperUI. Binding in use;
souliss, modbus, caldav command, caldav personal, http
all configured using their .cfg file
I’ve moved from my OH1 items, rules, transformations and sitemaps.
I’ve applied all the “upgrade rules” such as "workaround for caldav, use of NULL in rules, and using ClassicUI and BasicUI all is running properly.

Now I’m troubleshooting the “error 500” problem in PaperUI and I’m searching for incorrect string usage in my items. So I’ve created a limited .items file that is:

// R1B1 - Node 0
Rollershutter 	rsBagnoRagazzi 	"Bagno Ragazzi"	<rollershutter>	(R1B1, gRollershutters, gBagnoRagazzi) {souliss="T22:0:0", autoupdate=false} 
Rollershutter 	rsCameraMatteo 	"Camera Matteo"	<rollershutter>	(R1B1, gRollershutters, gCameraMatteo) {souliss="T22:0:1", autoupdate=false} 
Number			tempCameraMatteo	"Camera Matteo - Temp. [%.1f]" 	<temperature>	(R1B1, gTemperatureIndoor, gCameraMatteo, gTempNotte, gInfluxTemperatures) {souliss="T52:0:2"}
String			R1B1_lUpd			"R1B1 Last Update [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tk:%1$tM:%1$tS]" <keyring> (R1B1, gLastUpdate) {souliss="D99:0:999"}
Number			R1B1_Health		"R1B1 Health [%1d]" <keyring> (R1B1, gHealth) {souliss="D98:0:998"}

and using this limited set of items there isn’t any “error 500” accessing paperui-control section.

The problem is that in the section there isn’t any items at all.
The rest calls (logged using “developers tools” in chrome) that previously returns “error 500” now is returing error 500 but no items:

Attached the har (json) file with the complete log of the call. (254.5 KB)

Question: is this a problem or a features ? Are some others activities needed in order to activate PaperUI ?
(using this configuration there is another problem with habpanel UI: when you edit any widget, the list of OH items in the configuration panel is always empy. I don’t know if those problems are related but I report both for completeness. I’ll post a specific question for habpanel in the correct thread if needed, now I’ll wait for responses on this post).

Thanks all for support and for the great work.

I don’t know, if I did understand your problem correct :slight_smile: but:

Paper UI control section is only to control channels from openHAB2-Bindings, there is no way to make use of items defined through .items files.

In question of HABPanel I have no idea, as I did not use HABPanel yet.

@Udo_Hartmann thanks a lot for replay.

Ok now I’m aware that I haven’t to use PaperUI/Control in order to control my OH1 .items

I’ll try to post a specific question for HABPanel.