Download of 'complete disk image' takes endless

I am new to openhab and intend to make some experiments after not beeing really happy with other home automation solutions.
Is it really so, that the download takes so long time?
it takes hours to download the raspi image. I have the impression it is downloading bit by bit.
this might be ok, I am just wondering.

Currently I am not even sure I am really downloading the 2.0 version as the links always get me to changes since 1.1 and release information is 1.2 ( I am getting slightly confused. I started here and followed the links.


If you already have a running operating system on your computer, you just need to download openHAB2, either manually or through apt (if you are on a Linux based system):

If you don’t have a running operating system or you don’t have any experience with Linux based systems, you may download openHABian (currently on version 1.2), it will automate the setup and download openHAB2 during the setup process.

Thanks for the hint.
I am almost new to linux, so I want to try the easy way first. I will for sure get into Linux when having it all installed, but want to minimize problems for the time being.
I tried to download the full installation for the last 24h but it failed after about 18h. How and where to download with reasonable speed? Cannot be it takes so long.
Firefox stops download already after a few seconds.
Chrome takes endless but so far has never finished.

Hmmm, I downloaded the 206 MB raspbian image right now in less than 2 minutes (on a slow 16 MBit DSL line)

I am confused…
I am again downloading and currently am at 10% after more than 1h.
I am loading from this location:
and I am logged in on the github. Cleared all cache before.

Exactly the place where I downloaded from … sorry :sunglasses:

I can confirm @sihui’s expirience, downloaded just now in approx. one minute.
So i guess the issue is provider related.

So… what do I do wrong?

You have the wrong internet provider … :grinning:

now downloading with a download manager, that is much faster, not yet an hour and already more than 50% loaded :wink:
and at 94% i get http Error 403 forbidden.
like this I will never be able to give it a try :frowning:

I’ve uploaded the file to my google drive account and sent you the link per PM.
Maybe it’s worth a try … :grinning:

Great, many thanks downloaded within a few seconds, no error message:thumbsup:
Now reading the installation step by step to maek sure I do not screw it up. there will be more questions for sure soon

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