Download of older openHAB 2 version for macOS - where from?


I do my absolutely first steps withe openHAB 2. A friend already installed a older Version (I think it was 2.3) on my Raspberry pi.
Now I want install the same version on my Mac, but under I can´t find a download link. Can anybody help me?


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According to the 2.3.0 Dockerfile this link should work

But why so old?? 2.5.10 is the latest stable & 3.0.0 will be stable before the end of the year.

Hi Bruce,

thank you for the downloadlink. But my mistake: I need 2.4 not 2.3 :frowning:
I need this old version, because this version is already running on a raspberry pi (controller for a terrarium). I want exactly the same Version on the mac.

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Try this

Thank you very much!