Download openHAB 2.5.12 no longer works

I had to re-install OpenHAB2 and used the 1.6.3 zip file to flash the SD. I changed the openhabian.conf to use clonebranch=stable branch which should install openHAB 2.5.12.
Instead it apparently ignored the entry and installed OH3.
I tried switching the branch using the openhabian-config tool, but this doesn’t switch to OH2 neither.
I am currently not yet ready to switch to OH3 since this will involve some rule modifications I would rather try on a backup Pi first.
So how can I install 2.5.12 again?

The answer is 42.
(the question being “what’s the menu option to downgrade to OH2”)


OK, I should have known that by now… I was misled by thinking that just changing the branch (option 01) was enough (just as changing the clonebranch in the boot openhabian.conf previously used to do).
So I suppose there was no need to change the clonebranch in the boot openhabian.conf to stable after flashing the SD card?