Download problem

Hi all! I’m trying to download latest 2.4.0-snapshot for mac os x from here but the site doesn’t seems to respond. Is there any other place to download latest builds?

Why don’t you try it on the Download Section of

It seems that the download of the snapshot version has a problem!

@opus that’s what i thought. Any other place where i can download it?

I saw in another thread that Cloudbees has been down for most of the day. Wait a bit or try again tomorrow, or work with the release for now and get the snapshot later.

Other Cloudbees projects don’t seem to have this issue:

Maybe all their staff is too busy attending DevOpsWorld/JenkinsWorld. :wink:

This was mentioned by @chris on another thread. That is the extent of my knowledge.

Yes - it was down since early this morning. I first looked around 8am UK time this morning, so 13 hours back nearly, and it was down then.

Looks like you can download the snapshot version again @charlatan154. :slight_smile:

@wborn Great! Thanks!