DragonTech zwave devices

Has anyone used the devices from DragonTech? i have a need for inexpensive zwave devices and found this new company. they all have the new zwave 500 chip. @chris …i dont have the devices yet, and they are not in the database, so i will enter the information maually until the time i have them in hand…

price on these is very reasonable…

Which devices specifically? There are some DragonTech devices in the database already (3 devices so far, although 2 require more information).

Really? I did a search and nothing came up…ok…my needs are for the dimmers, but at the price point, dont know that i can go wrong trying one out.

This is what is in the database at the moment -:

ok, well i may just order these, as price is that of a normal incandescent dimmer, and the others are even cheaper. if they dont work out, not much money invested. :wink: