Drayton Wiser Thermostat Binding

(Andre Newman) #264

Hi, I bought a Drayton Wiser system when I saw this binding was working, thanks for the effort.

In general it all works well and recently I let Openhab automate the away status with phone presence, works but I found a small issue.

When the binding sets the away status it also resets the away temp to 16 degrees, well for us that’s warmer than we have in the daytime for some rooms when we are home!

Is there somewhere I can change the away temp in the binding or change it so it keeps the away temp set in the Wiser app?

I’m running 2.4 still because the update to 2.5 broke something, I can go update if this is a fixed issue but I didn’t see anything about it in the github commits.

Thanks Andre

(Fraser Howell) #265

Looks like you can set that when you configure the bridge as per the example below.

Bridge draytonwiser:heathub:HeatHub [ networkAddress="192.168.1.X", refresh=60, secret="secret from hub", awaySetPoint=10 ] { 	boiler-controller controller "Controller" 	room livingroom "Living Room" [ name="Living Room" ] 	room bathroom "Bathroom" [ name="Bathroom" ] 	room bedroom "Bedroom" [ name="Bedroom" ] 	roomstat livingroomstat "Living Room Thermostat" [ serialNumber="ABCDEF1234" ] 	itrv livingroomtrv "Living Room - TRV" [ serialNumber="ABCDEF1235" ] 	hotwater hotwater smart-plug tvplug [ serialNumber="ABCDEF1236" ] }

(Andre Newman) #266

Excellent, thanks.

Just need to work out how to change the parameters for the binding I have already. Knowing it’s possible is usually enough, I’ll find it.


(Andre Newman) #267

Ok found it, working now.


(Andrew Schofield) #268

Yeah this is a hang-over from when the controller didn’t store the away mode setpoint itself and relied on the binding (and the mobile app) sending the setpoint every time you turned away mode on.
A firmware update fixed this, and the value you set in the mobile app is now persisted, but I haven’t updated the binding to reflect this change (yet)

(Andre Newman) #269

Actually I kind of like the current functionality, now I’ve found it. It prevents my partner fiddling with the away temp, she’s likely to set it to 10 degrees!

Thanks for the work that’s gone into this binding, makes the Wiser a way better product.

(John) #270

Has there been any firmware updates from Drayton recently?

Just looking at my setup today and spotted that every single command I sent to it generates the below (it definately wasn’t doing this last weekend)

It all still seems to work fine, accepting commands etc.

2019-02-09 12:31:45.726 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'draytonwiser:itrv:WiserHeat0285C3:xxxx' changed from OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR) to ONLINE
2019-02-09 12:31:45.729 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'draytonwiser:itrv:WiserHeat0285C3:xxxx' changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR)

(Rob Pope) #271

No errors in the log here

(Andrew Schofield) #272

It happens more often than I would like, but doesn’t seem to affect anything, other than temporarily appearing in the offline state.

From what I can tell, the HTTP server in the controller isn’t set up to cope with many requests in short succession, and will just fail to respond to some requests.

I did have an idea about internally rate-limiting requests from the binding, but I’m not totally sure how I’d implement this reliably.

(Andrew Schofield) #273

I’ve just pushed another minor update to the binding, which should be ready to download in a few hours. This just adds unit of measure compatibility for the humidity measurements. This doesn’t really affect using the binding, except that you may have to change the type from Number to Number:Humidity.

@Sc00by with regard to the hot water schedule, I’m not 100% sure yet. At the moment the feedback on the pull request gives me the impression that it won’t be accepted with any of the scheduling functionality as it currently stands, because it relies on you sending the raw JSON to the binding yourself.

(John) #274

Thanks Andrew. I think I understand the thinking of it not being accepted. If hot water was available it would finish it off beautifully. People don’t have to use the function and with the ability for openhab scripts and rules to be able to send raw json to devices would suggest that bindings should be able to support this method as well?

(John) #275

Is the new version still 2.5.0, I can’t see any changes on github yet

(Andrew Schofield) #276

Yeah, the link at the top of the pull request is always the most recent code. Unfortunately you have to version your bindings with the same version as the target version of openHAB, so it’s always 2.5.0 at the moment.

(Fraser Howell) #277

Does this version also contain the fix for the DHCP lease time error?

(Andrew Schofield) #278

Yes, it should :slight_smile:

(John) #279

Did the hot water schedule get through?

I’ve just installed the latest but I still can’t see it listed anywhere

(Nigel Head) #280

I recently bought a Wiser system and have setup openhab v2.5 and added the 2.5 bindings as above.
I get all my rooms discovered, but not my TRV’s ?

I had tested on OH 2.4 and 2.4 bindings and it found all my rooms and most of my TRV’s (but not all).
Adding the missing TRV’s by hand showed them as online, but all data was Na - hence updating to 2.5.

Running on a Pi3.

Any ideas?


(Nicholas Brealey ) #281

Hi Andrew

Thank you for all your work on this binding.

I have just installed OpenHAB and the Drayton Wiser binding using just the Paper UI (apart from copying the jar file to /usr/share/openhab2/addons).

For me the quickest way to find the IP address of the Wiser controller was to use the web interface to my WiFi router (which is my DHCP server). The controller had the name WiserHeat followed by the last 6 hex digits of the mac address.

It all seems to be working very well.


(Nicholas Brealey ) #282

Will using this binding in OpenHAB have any affect on the battery life of the thermostats?

(Andrew Schofield) #283

No, I’m holding off making any changes to scheduling for the moment until I get a clearer understanding of what is going to be an acceptable solution.

You might need to run the auto discover task again. It might be that the controller has timed out on the request used to discover things.

Yes, although the controller does broadcast using mDNS as well, which is how autodiscover works in PaperUI.

I haven’t noticed any difference. I don’t think polling the controller for updates actually alters the rates at which the thermostats actually update, they just send data periodically I believe.