Dresden Elektronik deCONZ Binding Example


I got from my Neighbor Some Zigbee Light bulbs and from Osram a smart Plug+ I bought the Raspbee module for the Raspbeery pi. The light bulbs and smart plug works in the deCONZ app on the Raspberry but i cant get it working with openhab.
I can see the Bridge in Openhab but the Devices don’t show. Can someone give me an example that works? I know that https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/deconz/ but somehow it doesn’t help me. :frowning:

The auto-discovery of deconz things is broken at the moment. I am the current maintainer, but I have no time to fix that just yet unfortunately. If you would have come a month later you would probably not have seen any problems.

Right now you need to add your things manually, by reading out the deconz device ids and so on.


Thanks for the info. But what type is a smart plug and light Bulb? A switch?

Hello all together,

I somehow managed to install all which also works. Quite Newbie. Now I came to this post and get stuck. My deconz.things looks like this:

Bridge deconz:deconz:homeserver [ host=“”, apikey=“XXXXXXXXX” ] {
openclosesensor livingroom-window “Livingroom Window” [ id=“28” ]

But I can’t see the “Livingroom Window” in the Things. Does anyone see some mistakes? The binding is broken, this is correct?

Thanks and best regards,