DSC Alarm Binding - no data from tcpserver

Hi list -
Been running OH2 for some time and trying to integrate with my DSC alarm system. I connected the IT-100 module to the panel and the connection there appears OK (led blinking every 1/2 sec). I connected the IT-100 via null modem connector to a USR-TCP232-302 tcserver.

I think I have the basics configured properly in OH2 as the logs show it as ONLINE.
Problem is that I’m not getting any responses from the tcpserver. In the screenshot of the tcpserver below it shows packets received but non transmitted. In the OH2 logs with dsc debug, I see write() calls but never any read().

Here are my settings:

Bridge dscalarm:tcpserver:DscAlarmBridge [ ipAddress="", port=1611 ] {
    Thing panel dscpanel [ userCode="1111" ]
    Thing partition dscpartition1 [ partitionNumber=1 ]
    Thing zone dsczone2muddoor [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=2 ]
    Thing zone dsczone3deckdoor [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=3 ]
    Thing zone dsczone5familymotion [ partitionNumber=1, zoneNumber=5 ]
    Thing keypad dsckeypad

Switch DscAlarm_Bridge_Connection {channel="dscalarm:tcpserver:DscAlarmBridge:bridge_reset"}
String DscAlarm_Panel_Message "Panel Message: [%s]" (gDscAlarmPanel) {channel="dscalarm:panel:DscAlarmBridge:dscpanel:panel_message"}
Number PANEL_COMMAND "Panel Commands" (gDscAlarmPanel) {channel="dscalarm:panel:DscAlarmBridge:dscpanel:panel_command"}
String PANEL_SYSTEM_ERROR "Panel System Error: [%s]" (gDscAlarmPanel) {channel="dscalarm:panel:DscAlarmBridge:dscpanel:panel_system_error

And my tcpserver status via the web gui

Thanks in advance!

Hello Dave,

At first glance I see separate IP address subsets from the information provided. Could you be having a routing issue?


It’s hard to tell in the screenshot, but the 192 IP is actually dimmed out as it’s not relevant in TCP Server mode. I double checked that I am able to ping the TCP serial server from my OH machine


I did a test by adding a tcpserver bridge to my configuration and was able to verify that it does work. I was able to write and read with a TCP server utility app I have. Are you sure the serial connection requires a null modem connection? A null modem cable is usually used between two like devices such as computer-to-computer (DTE devices), where a straight through cable is used between two different devices such as a communication device (DCE) to a computer (DTE).


Thanks for verifying on your side. I double checked how I am connecting the devices, and your suspicion was correct in that I am not using a null modem adapter. I am using a “gender changer” adapter as seen here: http://amzn.com/B01GPGPEBM

I am going to go back to the panel and double check my connections and wiring. Feel like I must be missing something obvious here.

Thanks for your help

Yeah, serial connections can be a little tricky. Hope you get it working.



I took the tcpserver out of the connection path, and it looks like the IT-100 is working properly. I installed OH on my laptop and connected to it via a USB -> serial cable. I was able to see the DSC binding communicating with the board successfully.

So it seems it is sometime will the tcpserver that isn’t working. One stop closer I suppose…

@xielong87 looks like you have the same brand (USR) of tcpserver as I do… were you able to get the DSC binding working with it? Would you mind comparing my settings (see above in this thread) to what you have?