DSC Alarm Binding with TCP Serial Server

Hi there, I have a DSC Alarm system with an IT-100 serial interface, connected to a TCP serial server. I use TCP socket connections to talk send and receive commands to and from the IT-100. Is this type of configuration supported with the current DSC Alarm Binding?

Hello @marclennox,

The DSC Alarm Binding does connect to the IT-100 through a serial connection. I suppose you could connect the openHAB machine to your TCP serial server and have it communicate with the IT-100 through a virtual serial connection. Something you would need to experiment with. The binding also connects to an Envisalink adapter using a direct TCP socket connection. Hope this helps.

Thanks Russell.

I have been able to get this working by making a small change to the DSC Binding. Currently the binding is hard-coded to port 4025, which presumably is the Envisalink port? I’ve added a new configuration option to specify the port, then pointed it to my serial server, and it seems to just work. I’m seeing the event stream from the IT-100 being spit out to the console, have not (yet) tried sending commands to it.

Once I’ve fully tested it, I will submit a PR for the new configuration option.

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Hello Marc,

Cool! One thing that you would need to be aware of; the binding distinguishes between the the Envisalink and the IT-100 by the interface type, serial or TCP. That means that the binding will think you are connected to an Envisalink adapter when setup as TCP. There are some differences in the protocols that could cause some things not to work properly because of this.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll add another optional configuration parameter to set the device type. Been a while since I’ve written Java code, but I’m sure I can muddle through it.

Should I submit a PR directly on the openhab project master branch, or on the 1.8 branch?

You would fork it first, then PR it to the openHAB master branch. I usually create a separate branch in my fork then PR from there.

Pull request created. https://github.com/openhab/openhab/pull/3774