DSC Alarm binding working in OH2?

Hi folks ! Is here anyone with operative DSC binding?
I can not start three days ago.
My config , envisalink and PC1832 with openhab1 works fine.

First every thing is discovered fine with Paper UI ,then nothing isn’t updated .

Every thing looks like this :

2016-01-30 16:36:35.989 [WARN ] [ome.core.thing.internal.ThingManager] - Cannot delegate update ‘0’ for item ‘PARTITION1_ARM_MODE’ to handler for channel ‘dscalarm:partition:tcpbridge:partition1:partition_arm_mode’, because no thing with the UID ‘dscalarm:partition:tcpbridge:partition1’ could be found.

I have this error too in log:

2016-01-30 15:55:07.725 [ERROR] [.discovery.EnvisalinkBridgeDiscovery] - discoverBridge(): Illegal Argument Exception - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Value [64] not in range (0,32]
2016-01-30 15:55:22.151 [ERROR] [ernal.discovery.IT100BridgeDiscovery] - discoverBridge(): No Message Read from Serial Port ‘/dev/tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port’


Hello @Zoltan_Varady,

Looking at your post a few things come to mind. It appears the discovery is working but with that one error on the Envisalink, where the value is out of range. That is coming from an external library that checks that the subnet mask is 32 bit for IPv4. The only thing I can think would give that error would be if it was receiving an IPv6 address from your interface, which is not supported. Is the Envisalink being discovered?

Next, if discovery of the Envisalink is working then the bridge ID is based on the IP address and it should be in the format X_X_X_X, where the underscores replace the periods. Any thing discovered through the bridge after that will be a child of the bridge and therefore have a name that has a reference to the bridge. For example if PARTITION1 is discovered it would have an ID of ‘dscalarm:partition:X_X_X_X:partition1’. In order to bind your item to a particular channel of PARTITION1 it would look something like this: ‘dscalarm:partition:X_X_X_X:partition1:partition_arm_mode’.

The last error in reference to the IT-100 Bridge is normal when no message is received from the port. Instead of an error it probably needs to be a debug statement.

I will continue to look into the Envisalink bridge error. Hope this helps.

Thanks for answer!
It seems everything is working . I went wrong,that I thought your demo files works with “Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V” .I must rework your demo files from wiki.
So,things are discovered and works ,but these errors and warnings " Cannot delegate update ‘0’ for item …" remains in logs .
My next problem is,that any things are not refreshing without manual “State refresh” command.