DSC Alarm integration and polling period

I am considering to start using openHAB but first I wanted to understand the capabilities of the DSC alarm binding - does the poll frequency (lowest once per minute) mean that automation will take on average 30 seconds to react on tripped movement detectors etc?
I have an extensive DSC system in our home and was hoping to be able to control lights based on the existing movement detectors but this will not work if cant more or less immediately turn them on when somebody enters a room…
Any users of this binding that can share any experiences?

The pollPeriod is for a sending a command and checking for a response to test that the connection to the bridge is still alive. The actual events from zone updates are sent unsolicited (without polling) and will be received almost instantaneously. Turning on lights from motion detector events is definitely do-able. I also have a rule to turn on a light by the keypad when the entry door is opened while this system is armed.

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Thanks a lot for the info - then I will give openHAB a try!