DSC Alarm sensor low battery

I am using the DSC alarm binding with an evisalink board and it works great, but recently have a wireless sensor with a low battery.

Is there a way to determine which sensor has the low battery? closest I can see from the binding items/channels is PANEL_ZONE_LOW_BATTERY switch and PANEL_TROUBLE_LED switch, but both of those are just Switch items.

On the key pad i have to scroll through a few options to determine which zone has the issue. Could I send commands to the keypad to find the zone?

@rsstephens copying you in the hopes you have some ideas.

Hello @david,

Unfortunately the Envisalink doesn’t report which zone is having the low-battery issue. The only indicator is through the panel_zone_low_battery channel. You can send keypad commands to the panel, but you are not going to receive any interactive information from the keypad to the binding.

Thanks for the clarification.