DSC Alarm

I’m planning to implement a system alarm in my house. I’d like to monitor it via Openhab. I found DSC alarm binding but I don’t now wich hardware is compatible.
Can you guide me to choose a complete (supported) alarm system? (Central, body/window sensors, siren, etc)

Thank you

There’s a recent discussion about linking various intruder alarms to OpenHAB

Many thanks. I’d lke to use DSC Alarm. I’m looking for a shopping list :sweat_smile: of someone that uses it. I need a small system (8 - 16 zones)

There are far too many directions that depend on need and preference for us to give you a shopping list.

I would start at Home Security Store’s kit’s.

They have a 1616 wireless ready kit that you can start with if you know you will never want more than 16 total wired/wireless devices or you can bump to an 1832 if you might want more.

From there, pick what you want for zones. Pretty much any DSC wireless device will work with those kits from door/window, glass break, motion, water level etc. They have other kits that include some devices to get you started that might make more sense than the basic kits I linked. You can get them used on ebay for cheap if you are patient.

Lastly, you need an envisalink evl-3 or evl-4ezr(new version). This will let the binding talk to your alarm over ethernet. I have also heard alarmdecoder is a cheaper option that also works but maybe less functions… idk, haven’t used it.

There are probably other options but this is the method I know that works. Do know that if you aren’t experienced with DSC setup… it can be a frustrating ride. These things aren’t user friendly IMO.

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Thanks. It was what I looking for. In italy shipment is very expensive, so i will buy from ebay:

  1. Envlisalink 4
  2. DSC Security Alarm System-PK5500 PowerSeries 64-Zone LCD Full-Message Keypad
  3. DSC Security Alarm System-Power Series Control Panel PC1864

After I will find body sensors and siren.

What we think?

Yeah, sorry, didn’t know where you are located.

Looks like a good start.

I know Europe has different frequencies for many different things… make sure you get the proper frequency stuff too if that is applicable.

I’m planning to use wired sensors

Huh, I have no idea where I picked up the idea you wanted wireless but in my head you only wanted wireless… Good thing too cause I hadn’t noticed the panel you listed is the pk which doesn’t have wireless built in.

You are aware that the 1864 only has 8 built in wired zones right? If you want more, you will need to buy a hardwire zone expander.

Hardwired sensors are super cheap and basically any brand will work so you have lots of options there!

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This is a great conversation! I would love to install my own DSC alarm in the new house I’m building and have OH2 be able to trigger rules based on the state of the DSC alarm sensors. For example, the DSC front door contact… if its state changes to open, I’d like to have a few lights automatically turn on if it occurs between sunset/sunrise. Same for PIR motion sensors etc.

I’m also planning on using all wired sensors and I agree, it would be nice to keep the conversation going here on how to design/implement something like this.


FYI when I was using a DSC system and found out the Wireless PIRs have a 3 second delay before the signal is sent. While ok for security, I found the delay to be annoying for HA. Honeywell PIRs do not have this issue. However the DSC door/window sensors are much nicer. I came across the RE324HD which takes honewell inputs and coverts it to DSC. This allowed me to use any honeywell or dsc sensors with the dsc system. I used it for about 2 years and had 0 issues. The newer DSC stuff uses 433 while the Honeywell uses I believe 315. Careful because the older DSC stuff used something in the 900 range.

If you plan on using any wireless sensors you will need the RFK5564 panel that has 64 zone wireless built in. AlarmSystemStore.com has all the information on programing the panel as well.

That is an option yes but you can always get a tr5164 later and wire it into your keybus. I actually went that method from the beginning purposely for a couple of advanced reasons.

I don’t have a way to compare but the range on the tr5164 is fantastic for key fobs and sensors. This of course could also be a liability if you are in a densely populated area. I have a detached garage easily 60 feet from the unit through ground and concrete… sensors work great out there.

Yes, also found that and don’t use them for that reason. I have arduino based pir’s for this. I like your honeywell option and will have to consider it. Do they have a re-trigger delay? I hate my wired PIR’s as they absolutely flood OH.

@162884 easily done my friend. That’s what a lot of us are doing with DSC or similar alarms.

Thanks @Moxified… This makes complete sense to me. As you know from other conversations we’ve had, I’m a newbie to OH2 but willing to read and learn. I’m interested in installing my own wired alarm system since it shouldn’t be too difficult since it’s new construction. I just need to learn how and what to buy to tie it all together!

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Welp, this thread kinda has the bones for that. The gear I posted represent a great starting point for a DSC setup. You need a panel, a keypad, sensors and an ethernet adapter (evl or alarmdecoder). Next you need a phd in confusing documentation (DSC’s) and you have yourself an alarm :slight_smile:. The DSC binding is heavily documented so that’s cake.

Yes the retrigger delay is around 3 minutes.

I’m going down the DSC 1864 path as well. Just importing some PIRs from China to test. I pre-wired my new home during the build as I had a great site supervisor. I’ve yet to terminate to the panel it’s going to take a while with almost all 64 zones allocated.

I’ll try and provide any updates in this forum should I encounter any OH challenges.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has this working. Is there any particular panel programming that needs careful attention? The documentation for the 1864 is very good IMO.


Same here. DSC 1864 bought. Now I’m waiting for whitewasher and i will post my experience :slight_smile:

Wow… I found their documentation to be disorganized and cryptic. I hear the new neo series is easier to program. The power series is just such a pain with having to re-enter the same info a bunch of times to change a zone that is number 7 in the list for example. My best bet was to fill out their worksheets and then blindly go section by section inputting stuff from the worksheet. When I have to make changes, it takes me like 20 minutes of reading the manual and my notes again to get it right.

But, in general, I have a power 18 series running great with OH 2.2. I’ve been using OH and this alarm for 3 years with no issues. It wasn’t hard to get OH talking to it either. The OH docs really do tell you all you need to know.

Just a quick update on my progress.

I’m still bench testing the panel at this stage as I haven’t had time to install it. I was keen to see the delay betwern the DSC zone triggering and an esp8266 receiving a message on an mqtt topic. The esp8266 is simulating a relay or zwave lighting controller. I’m pleased to say that there is at most a 2 second delay. This confirms that the passive infrared motion sensor connected to the DSC panel will make a suitable room occupancy detector.

Envisalink 4 successfully connected to DSC Security Alarm System-Power Series Control Panel PC1864. Paper UI recognizes zones, panel etc. I’m playing with it