DSC - Exit Delay not being communicated

Switching to OH2 and working out the kinks. With the DSC Alarm Binding I’ve noticed that the partition_exit_delay thing is not being updated properly. When I enter debug I see “23:06:09.643 [DEBUG] [calarm.handler.PartitionThingHandler] - dscAlarmEventRecieved(): Thing - dscalarm:partition:8aa563bf:partition1 Command - ExitDelayInProgress”, but nothing with the “partition_exit_delay” tag. PaperUI is showing the thing being linked to my item correctly, but no dice. Am I missing something or is this not part of the binding anymore?

(In the mean time I think I can use “panel_message” to accomplish what I need, so not a huge deal)

@rsstephens - any advice?

Hello @MichaelWatson,

Hmmm, could be a bug. I will look at it and get back to you. Thanks for the feedback Michael.

Oops, my bad. It looks like I omitted the code to handle that particular channel update, also the ‘partition_entry_delay’. I will get this fixed in the next few days and submit a PR. Thanks for finding this.

No problem, and thank you for all the work you put in on this.

Hello Michael,

FYI, the PR for this fix has been merged. Thanks.

Updated and works as expected - thanks!