DSC MAXSYS Integration

I am looking at the DSC MAXSYS system. The reason I am choosing it over the PowerSeries is because I need access control. The MAXSYS uses the PC4401 for serial control integration. Does anyone know if this will work with the DSC Binding? The developer guide: http://cms.dsc.com/download.php?t=1&id=12758


Hello @shady9191,

I looked at the developer guide for the PC4401 and did some comparison to the IT100. The PC4401 uses the same protocol and data structure as the IT100. There are shared commands between the two, but the PC4401 has commands that are unique to it, so the binding will not handle those. Best thing to do is give it a try. You would need to configure the binding with an IT100 bridge. Hope this helps.

Thanks, @rsstephens, that definitely helps! Will give it a shot once I get the system installed.