DSL Rule: String to Number with € and comma

Dear all,
i am reading a string using the HTTP-Action HTTP.sendHttpGetRequest
This string heizoelpreis looks like this 154,24 €. Now i want to update a number item with this value.
First i am cutting off the
var heizoelpreis_cut = heizoelpreis.split(' €').get(0); FoxOil_OelPreis.postUpdate(heizoelpreis_cut);

However the FoxOil_OelPreisin OpenHab shows 15424.
How can i replace the ,with a . or divide it by 100?

Thank you and best regards

Use replace(',', '.')

var heizoelpreis_cut = heizoelpreis.split(' €').get(0).replace(',', '.')

Thank you! You are right :slight_smile: