DSL rules sometimes not trigger

I am currently on OH3 and having problems with DSL file-based rules.
while i am doing some stuff, updating rules, item symantic etc. it sometimes occurs that some rules are not triggered anymore. When i add a linebreak in the rule it’s working again.
Does somebody know why this happens?

I think you are going to have to give us some more information about exactly what you are doing that results in this issue. Are you restarting OpenHAB when making these changes? (not that it is necessary to do so but stuff getting loaded out of order might cause such an issue) Anyhow… also please include operating system and platform information

I cannot exactly say what I am doing which causes the error. In general I am updating rules. Moving something from dsl to js or adding metadata.
Oh5 is running on Linux on a docker container. The platform is still the same since 7 years. i3 with 16gb ram.

I’m also seeing a similar problem with openhab3, To provide a bit more contex, I have 25 rule files with 47 rules in totals (some files have multiple rules) - all used on openhab2 for a long time however rather randomly the number of rules shown in the GUI isn’t the full amount, the rule files don’t aways load on start up (and i’m also not sure they constantly stay loaded but haven’t yet witnessed enough times to be sure). For example i’ve just rebooted my openhab server and it now has 27rules loaded, if i go through and edit each file adding a linebreak or similar, they’ll load up individually no problem at all so i’ll have 47 loaded. When the GUI says i have only 27 rules loaded, the rules that aren’t loaded also don’t execute so it does appear the GUI is rendering correctly, the problem is why the rules aren’t all loading when they are supposed to

I have exactly the same issues here with openhab3 and ~27 *.rules files

I have similar issues here.
My existing Astro-event and network-presence based events seem not to be recognized by DSL rules and therefore do not trigger the actions at all. The events are correctly in the log.

I also created a new simple rule via the new UI (Poweroutlet to be switched on via MQTT-command when the device’s network-presence changes from OFF to ON). It works when run interactively but does not work upon the event. Although the presence-switch changes correctly the action is not triggered.

I am running out of ideas now how to get this up and running in OH 3.0 (they worked perfectly in 2.5).

I tried with OH3.1 Snapshot and issue seems gone!

Thanks for the information, sounds good, but I am not familiar with trying out snapshot builds and somewhat concerned about losing a lot of the work I already put into OH3 over the last days …
Maybe I should clone the SD card before trying that.

I upgraded to the snapshot build on Tuesday and this has just happened again so this issue is still present on 3.1 snapshot

I haven’t yet tried out this scenario myself however found this github issue that sounds similar to the issue i’m facing and could be the case: OH3.0.0 stable: DSL Rules are removed after reload of other .rules and .items files with same file prefix · Issue #2022 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub

Right. Can confirm. After renaming rules and items files my missing rules don’t disappear anymore.
Although I still have the feeling that something has been improved with 3.1.