Dsl (text-file) rules to the schedule section of OH3?

In the new UI of openHAB 3 is a menu point “schedule”. If I select this point, I got an information that there could be rules listed, which are marked as “Schedule”.
I could not find any information in the documentation, if the DSL rules, which I have as text files, could be marked or must be marked, to be listed here.
I had expected, that rules which a cron trigger would be listed automatically.

My understanding is that text files are still supported in OH3 as they were in OH2. New functionality cannot necessarily be configured in text files, currently

We talk about rules, and for rules there some new ways to write them (e.g. Groovy). And except Blockly, all ways to write rules are normally text, because we talk about programming.

But this was not my main point. The schedule section is a preview of the next runs of rules. So for example, one of my rules will trigger later today with a cron expression. I can see in the rules section, that this rule is loaded and active. So openHAB must know, when to run this rule. But there is no listing in the schedule section.

i can not believe, that this should be only possible with UI created rules.

Its doesn’t show all rules. It only shows those rules that have been tagged with “Schedule”. Rules DSL does not support any syntax to add a tag to a Rule when defined in .rules files. Unless and until the language is modified to support that you cannot see Rules in .rules files in the Schedule tab.

You do have the ability to set the tag with JavaScript, Python, Groovy, in text files and all languages including Rules DSL when rules are defined through the UI.

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What is the official way to submit an improvement here?

GitHub issues, as always,

Thanks, for me it was not clear. I was in the last month in the community more passiv and with openHAB 3, I want to be more active.