DSMR: How have you integrate your Belgium Smart Meter

I’ve newly received my smart meter from ORES in belgium and I’d like to integrate it with openHAB. So I’d like to take input from your experience.
How have you integrate openHAB with your belgium Smart Meter ?
There are a lot of possible interfaces, what is your choice? Direct interface or via the Cloud?

The DSMR binding supports Belgium meters. This works by connecting the meter P1 port via serial or network to your openHAB installation.

Hi @hilbrand,
Thank you for this quick response. My Openhab server is not close to the meters, so, I guess, a network connection will be necessary. Do you have any advise about the interface?
Which one to use?

I have no direct answer. There seem to be several solutions available. Either people selling custom build pcb boards that connect to wifi or ethernet. Or there are diy solutions based on ser2net.