DSMR is not reading all values


I just started testing OH2. In OH1.8.3 the dsmr binding is working fine. However in OH2 there are problems reading my Gas values. Electricity is fine. I’m running with version: “” . This is in the log:

11:38:02.218 [WARN ] [smr.internal.messages.OBISMsgFactory] - Received OBIS unknown message:0-1:24.1.0
11:38:02.219 [WARN ] [internal.p1telegram.P1TelegramParser] - Failed to parse:OBISDataLine [OBIS id:0-1:24.1.0, obis values:[003]
11:38:02.220 [WARN ] [smr.internal.messages.OBISMsgFactory] - Received OBIS unknown message:0-1:96.1.0
11:38:02.221 [WARN ] [internal.p1telegram.P1TelegramParser] - Failed to parse:OBISDataLine [OBIS id:0-1:96.1.0, obis values:[4730303235303033333032313934343135]
11:38:02.222 [WARN ] [smr.internal.messages.OBISMsgFactory] - Received OBIS unknown message:0-1:24.2.1
11:38:02.224 [WARN ] [internal.p1telegram.P1TelegramParser] - Failed to parse:OBISDataLine [OBIS id:0-1:24.2.1, obis values:[161221110000W, 00634.003*m3]

I also got this message

Unexpected character ‘/’ in state:DATA_OBIS_VALUE_END, header = /KFM5KAIFA-METER, obisId = 0-0:96.13.0, obisValue = . Publishing partial P1Telegram and wait for new P1Telegram

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