DSMR Smartmeter (Beta)

This beta DSMR beta release (supports openHAB 3.2.0 and above) intends to improve feedback given by the binding when the data from the meter can’t be correctly read. When the data can’t be read correctly, for example due to incorrect P1 cables, the binding now tries to better give feedback.

Install this version if you have problems getting things discovered or have problems reading data from the meter. Otherwise just install the official DSMR binding.

NOTE: The binding depends on the serial transport bundle. The binding provided here is a jar file, and than that bundle isn’t automatically loaded. This could have been done by providing a .kar file, but that is always very openHAB version specific, and the market place doesn’t support multiple versions. Therefor to get this version working you need to install another binding that also uses the serial bundle, like the serial binding. Or it just should work if you already have such binding installed (That must not be the official version of the DSMR binding, you need to uninstall it before installing this version.)


Version (20-11-2022)

  • Added safeguard against buffer overflows in reading data in SmartyDecryptor.

Version (09-11-2022)

  • Improve reporting on inability parse data
  • Fixes nullpointer exception that can happen when corrupt data is read.



Source code