Dual Mail Providers Logic

Has anybody setup a way to use dual mail providers on OH2.


   MailProviderA is unreachable for some reason 

So it tries . . .

   MailProviderB to send the email 

I’m not aware how OH2 can have 2 sendMail profiles which is the first step to this . . .

Best, Jay

It doesn’t appear to be possible with the mail action.

You could set up the Mail action with one email provider and sendmail or the like with another email provider and use executeComandLine to send through that avenue. But u don’t think there is any way to find out that the email failed so you wouldn’t know when to come the backup option.

Personally if the first email option fails is fall back to a different sheeting mechanism like Prowl or Telegram. But the problem of discovering that the email failed is still a problem

Can you setup both mail providers on your openhab host then mail to that provider?

Ie let your pi manage who is available but mail to your pi?

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