Dummy Item for Alexa-Control

Hi Community!

I’m new in the OpenHab Universe und hoping for your help!

I have the following issue:

I want to control a dummy switch “Alarm” via Amazon Echo.
After a bit of research I did the following:

Created dummy Item:

Switch Alarm “Alarm” [ “Switchable” ] (Switch is shown in Sitemap and can be controlled)

Installed Cloud Service and checked the switch (no problems)

Created myopenhab.org account, linked Openhab (does it’s job)

Opened Alexa-App and searched for the switch…Nothing

To crosscheck everything I linked a simple Hue-Light. No Problems with that. can be controlled via Echo. In addtition to that I tried different Tags (“Lighting”, etc.) and I tried to use Dimmer instead of Switch. Still does not appear in the Alexa-App.

Can somebody help me?

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I got my dummy item to work using {alexa="Lighting"} instead of the ["switchable"]

Did you go over the troubleshooting guide?

@opus / @jeshab
Thanks for your input. Very apreciated!

Now I found out, that it only takes some time until Alexa recognizes the new switches. Dimmer and switch work. Also both tags “Lighting” und “Switchable” work. Other tags (like the german word “Licht”) don’t work.

That’s because you need to manually trigger an Alexa discovery, through either your Alexa app or by asking your echo device, whenever you make configuration changes to your Alexa-enabled items on the OH side. Otherwise, the daily scheduled discovery would pick these changes up but as you noticed, it might take a while depending on when it is trigger on the Alexa side.

Just to be clear, neither tags nor metadata settings should be translated unless stated otherwise on the documentation.

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Thx for the clarification!