Dup and delays on emails last few months

Openhab 2.5.11

Past 6 months or so I’ve noticed
1)delays in emails going out mainly at night
2) recently; last month; huge delays in texts going out

I use Gmail to send alerts to my cell @vtext so i get txt messages on my cell

This all started about 6 months ago.
It seems that these messages started getting seriously delayed and NOW they are backing up to the point that it delays other txts on my phone.

How does one even try to troubleshoot this; it uses gmail to send the email to vtext; verizon’s service.
I highly doubt its any of the rules; they really haven’t changed.

At first i thought it was zwave maybe delaying things; like I’d open a door expect a text and maybe it was delayed etc…but now I’m leaning more on gmail and verizon.

What other email svcs do you guys use? Maybe i start by switching that out?

Back up some. Change the config to run a test to see if the same delays occur when you just send an email to yourself. If it works just fine that way, you know the problem is vtext and you need to contact Verizon to resolve the issue.

If not then add some logging to your rules before and after sending an email. Look at the time stamps and see if the delay is occurring there. If not, the problem is Gmail and you’ll have to work with Google to resolve the issue. If so, post your rules and logs and we can take a look.

Personally, I suspect the problem is on Verizon’s end.