Duplicate Device Errors

I just went through a pretty major restructuring of my OpenHab2 configuration - moved from UI to text files (so I could better control mqtt items) and split my initial items file into a series of subfiles for different bindings. Now I see the following duplicate device errors in my log files:

2017-07-28 12:59:53.188 [WARN ] [me.internal.processor.DeviceRegistry] - Ignoring duplicate device #50194479dff2e85023f03f8ea8b2c2d46c5684b8, name=Landing Temp, item=Sensor_SF_Landing_Ecobee_temperature

I’m seeing this across multiple bindings and verified in PaperUI that I don’t have duplicate items showing up. I’ve tried deleting the cache and tmp directories but this didn’t eliminate them. Where else might they be stored that I can go delete them?

I believe the Items and Things get stored in the JSON DB folders. You can stop OH, move the contents of that folder to a backup, restart OH and you will have a clean slate. But you will lose everything defined by PaperUI aman will have to recreate those that you want to keep.

I think there is a Karaf console command and maybe even a REST API call you can use as well.

No, I already checked the json files. I have a few leftover items but none of the ones I’m getting duplicate error messages on. I might just do a fresh install since the only items I’d have to resetup are my zwave things (one advantage of having everything i text files :wink: