Duplicate homegear bridge

Hi There!

Due to performance reasons i moved the OH2 intallation to my windows server.

After startup everything works fine but in my inbox is my homegear bridge listed with a new ID.
It looks like an uuid. When i add the duplicate bridge all homematic things are detected too.

Just removing the thing did not solve the problem. It is back after thing discovery…

Any suggestions how to “delete” the duplicate entry from my inbox?

best regards

There is a Trashcan icon to the right of the Thing entry in the inbox. Pressing that will delete it from the Inbox. But deleting it I don’t think guarantees it won’t show up again the next time discovery is run. So you can use the hide icon (looks like an eye with a line through it to the left of the trashcan). This keeps the Item around but won’t show it to you.

Found those two options… but why is there a duplicate entry with a different ID?