Duplicate Homekit Commands with dimmable lights

Hello everybody,

there seems to be something strange going on with HomeKit, unsure whether it is related to homekit itself or the Homekit binding or my KNX Config of the respective item.

What I observe so far is when I dim an item in HomeKit to anything between 0 and 99 (effect turns out to be the most visible when dimming from something not so bright to something even darker, i.e. from 20 to 10 or sth. like that), the lamp seems to get a little brighter, and then dims to the target brightness - as if it received a “100%” command first and then the actual brightness.

I can tell from the ETS, that indeed there are two commands submitted (#1 and #2) and then the dimmer (1.0.8) replies with two status updates (#3 and #4)

Same is refelected in OH Logs, funny enough, Status #3 seems to be lost somewhere:

2019-05-06 18:23:27.740 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'Light_EG_livingroom_Ceiling_SouthEast_Dimmer' received command ON

2019-05-06 18:23:27.753 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'Light_EG_livingroom_Ceiling_SouthEast_Dimmer' received command 23

2019-05-06 18:23:29.215 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Light_EG_livingroom_Ceiling_SouthEast_Dimmer changed from 58 to 23

What seems to be odd is that the ON command goes to 1/4/5 whilst the brightness value then goes to 1/4/26 - it is configured like that, but I would have expected that for KNX devices, the ON command is not sent (as it indeed does when using paper UI or the Open Hab App).

Type dimmer     :   Light_EG_livingroom_Ceiling_SouthEast_Dimmer    "Decke Süd (links)"     [ switch="1/4/5+1/4/25", position="1/4/26+1/4/28", increaseDecrease="1/4/25" ]

Any idea how to avoid that? The flickering is kind of annoying