Duplicate notification arrives every time

Hi, I setup my.openhab.orf account
and install the app on android phone.
every notification that I wrote with sendBroadcastNotification
arrives twice at the same time and even the notification about online and offline of openhab is duplicate

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Check your devices page at http://www.myopenhab.org. You might have your device listed twice.

Did you ever find a solution for the duplicate notifications? I’m having the same issue.

Hello, I’m new to this project and trying to solve ‘Status bar notification not cleared when visiting notifications page’ (Issue #1348). I need to get a notification from the server in order to reproduce the result. I think, as @Javad_Effat_doost mentioned above, I should use ‘sendBroadcastNotification’ for the same; but I don’t know which project it belongs to. Please guide me here, thanks!

Please see https://github.com/openhab/openhab-android/issues/1348#issuecomment-538016346