Duplicate sitemaps?

Hey all, I’ve been learning 2.0 on beta five, and I’ve noticed that my sitemap (_default.sitemap) is appearing twice in certain places. I see it twice in habmin and in the iOS app. It doesn’t seem to hurt anything but I don’t think it should.

Any ideas?

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OK, I’ve been working on sitemaps again and am still seeing two sitemaps in habmin and on the IOS app. I started out with _default.sitemap and tried moving it to default.sitemap. Now one sitemap just shows the things I have defined in PaperUI and the other is my sitemap file. Is there a way to remove the things sitemap? I don’t think it hurts anything but it is somewhat confusing. When I name it _default.sitemap I still see two sitemaps but they both show the actual sitemap, not the things.

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Hello, I have the same problem

My sitemap and one empty sitemap but in my openhab files i have just one

SI am new to openHAB and I have the same issue I created home.items and home.site configs. I see 2 sites.

Also it’s confusing when we have channels for the same thing setup via the paper ui and the configure files. The channels setup in the config files cannot be changed via the UI in paper view.

I guess it makes sense to manage the Thing and it channels via the paper ui. But should I simply have 2 sites (use one for managed Things) Or is there a way to show only 1?

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Same issue here. Still no solution?