DWD Unwetter Binding stops updating

I’ve setup the DWD Unwetter Binding.
It’s working very well. I set the update intervall to 20 minutes.
But the Binding stops updating after a few hours. (sometimes it works up to 30 hours, sometimes only 12 hours.)
Then the linked Items never are updated again.
After restarting the binding manually it works again.
Someone an idea what’s going wrong?

Here’s the thind configuration:

dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity "DWD Warnungen" [ cellId="XXXXXXX", refresh=20, warningCount=5 ]

Thanks a lot

Others don’t get any valid results at all. See “Frustrated with DWDUnwetter binding”.

Please share the cellId you’re using that’s getting data.

There’s an open defect here.

OK thanks.

Any chance to fix it with an workaround?

I’m investigating it. Can you share the item definitions you’re using?

Switch i_DWDWarnung1 "Weather warning" (g_DWDWarnungen) { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:warning1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_Serverity1 "Severity[%s]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:severity1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_Beschreibung1 "[%s]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:description1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_Ausgabedatum1 "Issued at [%s]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:effective1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_GueltigAb1 "Valid from [%s]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:onset1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_GueltigBis1 "Valid to [%s]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:expires1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_Typ1 "Type [%s]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:event1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_Titel1 "[%s]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:headline1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_HoeheAb1 "Height from [%d m]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:altitude1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_HoeheBis1 "Height to [%d m]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:ceiling1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_Urgency1 "[%s]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:urgency1" }
String i_DWDWarnung_Instruction1 "Additional information: [%s]" { channel="dwdunwetter:dwdwarnings:mycommunity:instruction1" }

I created 5 warnings and the items are all the same instead of the number in the end (1…5)

I’ve created a PR to fix this.
In the meantime, here’s a test jar.

Is there any progress?
My dwd is also not working.

Fixes were made based on this thread. Those fixes should be included in the just-released 2.5.2.

If you’re still having an issue when running 2.5.2, you should start a new thread for it.

Running the Binding in version 2.5.2.
(After Upgrade)

For the moment it seems the issue is solved…
Will provide feedback in a few days.

Let’s see what will happen :wink:

It looks like the issue is resolved with version 2.5.2 of the binding.
The system is up now since 5 days and the update of the warnings is still working. :slight_smile:
Before normally it was broken after 2-3 days.

Thanks a lot for you work!!!

Updated to 2.5.3 but doesn’t get updates. After binding and reboot no results. In my region actually there is a warning with icy conditions. DWD Weather APP gives me a warning and i think that Openhab doesn’t update. LastUpdated will be still no defined at the moment. Binding seems working and thing is online. Any ideas?

A contact via Facebook found an issue with XML responding. On the and of URL there is a number 27. No valid data is the result of it. If the number 27 in URL is not in use, a valid response will be the result. Can
you check this, please?

He created a pastin:



Your paste clearly shows:

numberMatched="0" numberReturned="0"

OK i’m not familiar with your code. At the end, we all think that we have the right ID for our region. Nothing happens no warning no update. I setup all via Paper UI.

Thanks for your help.

I also updated to 2.5.3.
But it still not updating the warnings.
Activated debugging for logging but logs only show regular updating of the channels.
I also did the setup of the dwd binding by paper ui.
Is there a config file for dwd which I can check whether all settings are set correctly? My feeling is that the items are not linked correctly to the channels when using paper ui for setup.

Thank you.

Could solve it.
The binding only works with cell ids for cities (Stadt or Gemeinde). It doesn’t work for region (Kreis).
It would be great this information could be added to the setup page in paper ui.

@Wikibear This could be also the solution for you.

Sounds good! Thank you very much. I will give a try.