DWZWAVE25 Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor----open/closed not working

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(Ceyhun Aksoy) #1

hi community…nothing happens when i open the door…in habmin i see it triggert…but in log viewer nothing happens…i remember on openhabian 2 it work last year…i use now the latest openhabian

Contact Kitchen_Door “Kitchen Door [%s]” (Doors, Kitchen) {channel=“zwave:device:d17d8a54:node5:sensor_binary”}

(Rich Koshak) #2

If you’ve upgraded from OH 2.3 or earlier to OH 2.4 then you need to follow ZWave binding updates, which was announced in the breaking changes for the 2.4 release.

(Mark) #3

This channel is defined as a Switch, so you should be looking for ON/OFF, not OPEN/CLOSED. Could that possibly be the issue?

(Ceyhun Aksoy) #5

ok i create a switch İTEM and it works-----but the door icon is not opening and closing …???

Switch Bathroom_Door “Door” (Bathroom, gDoor) [“Door”] {channel=“zwave:device:d17d8a54:node5:sensor_binary”}

(Dileepa R) #6

The switch gives a ON/OFF state, the icon might be looking for OPEN/CLOSED…
Might require mapping in your items file (Not sure but you can look up)

(Ceyhun Aksoy) #7

(Ceyhun Aksoy) #8

with map i made this …but still the door sleep…and why the trigger buttons still there…in the old openhab i had not this problem…i use now the latest brantle new openhabian 1.4.1…

(Rich Koshak) #9

Show the line from your sitemap.

(Ceyhun Aksoy) #10


Text label=“Door” icon=“door” {
Default item=Bathroom_Door label=“Bathroom”


Switch Bathroom_Door “Door[MAP(door.map):%s]” (Bathroom, gDoor) [“Door”] {channel=“zwave:device:179053c7:node5:sensor_binary”}