DWZWAVE25 Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor----open/closed not working

hi community…nothing happens when i open the door…in habmin i see it triggert…but in log viewer nothing happens…i remember on openhabian 2 it work last year…i use now the latest openhabian

Contact Kitchen_Door “Kitchen Door [%s]” (Doors, Kitchen) {channel=“zwave:device:d17d8a54:node5:sensor_binary”}

If you’ve upgraded from OH 2.3 or earlier to OH 2.4 then you need to follow ZWave binding updates, which was announced in the breaking changes for the 2.4 release.

This channel is defined as a Switch, so you should be looking for ON/OFF, not OPEN/CLOSED. Could that possibly be the issue?

ok i create a switch İTEM and it works-----but the door icon is not opening and closing …???

Switch Bathroom_Door “Door” (Bathroom, gDoor) [“Door”] {channel=“zwave:device:d17d8a54:node5:sensor_binary”}

The switch gives a ON/OFF state, the icon might be looking for OPEN/CLOSED…
Might require mapping in your items file (Not sure but you can look up)

with map i made this …but still the door sleep…and why the trigger buttons still there…in the old openhab i had not this problem…i use now the latest brantle new openhabian 1.4.1…

Show the line from your sitemap.


Text label=“Door” icon=“door” {
Default item=Bathroom_Door label=“Bathroom”


Switch Bathroom_Door “Door[MAP(door.map):%s]” (Bathroom, gDoor) [“Door”] {channel=“zwave:device:179053c7:node5:sensor_binary”}