Dynalite CGI HTTP

Hi I would like to integrate Philips Dynalite to openhab, and a have found this code.
Can someone tel me if this is possible to use this to make a full duplex connection between openHAB and Philips dynalite, so I instantly can set and get status in my openHAB.

Controlling DyNet Areas.
DyNet logical commands are issued using the HTTP Get method on the SetDyNet.cgi File.\SetDyNet.cgi?a=3&p=2

(a=) is the area to be controlled
(p=) is the preset to send

Retrieving Status From DyNet Areas.
DyNet logical status requests are Issued using the HTTP Get method on the GetDyNet.cgi File.\GetDyNet.cgi?a=2

If the response shown below is returned from the request shown above then area 2 is currently in Preset 4.

Return from the Dynet

See also page 9-10 in the integration guide