Dynamic battery icon not working

There are icons ‘battery’ and ‘batterylevel’.
These should change dynamically based on the status:

I put the icons in the standard list widget “oh-list-item”. Regardless of whether I set the value 20 or 80, the icon does not change dynamically.

item config:

Number SmartLock_batteryCharge "Battery Status" <batterylevel> (gGarageSmartLockBattery) ["Control", "Level"]


2022-07-11 17:08:33.653 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘SmartLock_batteryCharge’ received command 20


expected result icon:

Isn’t that possible in the “oh-list-item”? At least it works for other icons like ‘lock’ or ‘door’.

Please make sure to use iconUseState: true within your widget or configure it via the GUI accordingly that the icon depends on items state (it’s within advanced settings, what you need to enable first)

Thank you for your help.
The problem was solved with that.

Really strange that the dynamic icons like LOCK or DOOR also work without the parameter.

Best regards