Dynamic Icon Float Number

Hey guys,

I try to setup dynamic icons for a battery volt float number. (Like 2,7 V).
Unfortunately its not working with the following icons:


Anyone an idea? Or is the whole dynamic icons thing not working with float numbers? And the next thing are negative numbers. Like a RSSI of -70dbm. signal_db–50 is not working either.

Thank you guys!

Is this a typo in the post or are you really using that instead of battery_f-3?

What are the names of the .png or svg files?

Are the Items Number Items or String Items?

Thats a typo. Sorry. And the posted names are the filenames of the .png files.
The items are Number items.

With -1, -2, -3 it is working now. But battery_f-1,5 or rssi–50 isn’t working.

The RSSI is probably not working because the number is negative. I’m wondering if dynamic icons can support negative numbers because the - is reserved to separate the icon name from the state. I suspect it wont work so you will have to write a rule to change your RSSI Numbers to a positive value to use dynamic icons with it.


  • Icon filenames may include lowercase letters, numbers and underscores (_)
  • Uppercase letters and special characters are prohibited

from the docs I’m pretty positive you can’t define an icon for 1.5 or 1,5. You will either have to only use 1 and 2 or you will have to convert the value by multiplying by 10 and then you can use 15.