Dynamic Icon with Intermediate Values

I have an item for monitor the battery level on remote sensors. This value can be any integer value between 0 and 100.
Battery Icons have 2 steps 100 and 90, Is it possible to show a specific icon when battery is any value from 100 to 90?
In Example when battery level is 96 I’ll show icon fo 100, when battery level is 94 i’ll show battery for 90.

I know that is not possible with openhab 1.X without using rules and manipulate the value. It is now possible with OpenHab 2.0?

May thanks

Would this help? I think @watou gave a great example

I’m only making a guess based on what I’ve seen in my sitemaps and from looking at the list of default icons.

I think that it works exactly as you describe already, but only for Basic UI. Classic UI still works like the good old OH 1.x sitemap.

you’re right, with latest version work as I expect in both interface.


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