Dynamic items (e.g. network devices), shown in sitemap

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: pi4
    • OS: raspbian - latest
    • Java Runtime Environment: openjdk version “1.8.0_212”
    • openHAB version: 2.5
  • Issue of the topic: dynamic item generation and displaying in sitemap

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to openhab, nevertheless I googled for a couple of hours and couldn’t find a similar question…

I would like to show all of my current connected / active network devices and some stats (e.g. Hostname, IP Adress, Ping) in a seperate sitemap group foreach device.
e.g. like this.

Network (group)

  • ESP32-Office (group)
    • Hostname: ESP32-Office
    • IP Adress:
    • Ping: 56ms
  • device 2 (group)
    etc …

I installed the Network binding, which would be able to auto discover new things, but the things need to be added manually (?).

Even if I have the things dynamically, I would need a dynamic generation of items / item groups, am I right?

Does anybody have an idea, how this could be solved and could give me some hints?
Or even, maybe someone has already a similar implementation?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @maDDin1338,

Take a look through https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/sitemaps.html#dynamic-sitemaps

With regard to the network binding, if configured properly and if the devices allow it, it should be able to autodetect devices on the same network. If something isn’t being added you can always add it manually and troubleshoot from there.


Comment: “dynamic sitemaps” is not about adding or removing elements from a sitemap as possible new Items are created or removed.
The whole sitemap concept is an essentially fixed file.

It is possible to add or remove Items from a Group in flight. I would not expect any of the UIs to be very clever about handling display updates to take that into account, you may need to force browser refresh.


Yes, and potentially the sitemap would need to be dynamically generated too which is definitely not possible right now.

Use a tool that is better suited for this sort of monitoring. openHAB is a home automation system, not an IT monitoring system. Get something like Nagios or Zabbix for this job. If you need the information on your home automation UI, a Webview is usually sufficient. I think they both have an API you can use to poll for information too.