Dynamic sitemap using visibility: different behavior of local access vs myopenhab access?

a stupid question: I am using the visibility parameter to conditionally show parts of a frame label.
When looking at my sitemap locally (e.g., toggling the visibility needs a manual website refresh to show the result.
When looking at my sitemap from remote (e.g., https://home.myopenhab.org/basicui/app?sitemap=myfirsttry) toggling the visibility auto updates the contents of the frame label. No manual website refreh necessary.
How can I achieve this with local access as well?
Thanks in advance.

Visibility refresh in Basic UI is working in the local network. Can you provide the extract of your sotemap ?

@Lolodomo: thanks, here are some code snippets.
I am using newest Openhab unstable on Raspi 3.


Group  gTemperatures <temperature>
Switch Frost_Warning 		"Frostwarnung Ein Aus"										<switch> (gTemperatures)
Switch Temperature_Visible 	"Anzeige Ein Aus"											<switch> (gTemperatures) 


    Frame label="Temperaturen" {
      Switch item=Temperature_Visible
      Switch item=Frost_Warning	
      Text visibility=[Temperature_Visible==ON] item=Robo_Internal_temperature_Temperatur_Chart   icon="temperature"  label="Robo [%s °C]" 

When switching the item Temperature_Visible from my LAN, the text line “Robo…” only appears after refreshing the web page. On myopenhab, it appears at once.
Maybe, it has to do with the behavior of basic ui many users have reported which disappeared after a fresh install.

What browser are you using ?
I discovered that there is no visibility refresh when using Microsoft Edge.

yesterday, I tested it with Firefox 57 (my standard browser) and Chrome. No difference, no refresh.
Now, after your posting, I tested this sequence:
Firefox 57 (no refresh),
Chrome (no refresh),
Edge (icon of dynamic item changed from red to green and back, but text Robo does not appear)
again Firefox 57 (complete refresh of icon and text Robo appears)
Hmm, I am surprised. Will boot my PC and test again.

Next test after rebooting Win10. Same sequence of browsers.
Firefox 57 (same as before, no refresh),
Chrome (same as before, no refresh),
Edge (same as before, icon of dynamic item changed from red to green and back, but text Robo does not appear)
Firefox 57 (no refresh, but after restart of Firefox complete refresh of icon and text Robo appears)
Hmm, I am very surprised.


After several tests: I have to start Firefox after Edge, and refresh is fine.
In this case, I can even modify switches in Ege and this is reflected in other window containing Firefox.

Edit3: note that standard browser is FF.
Close all browsers.
Open Edge: Icon changes, but no complete refresh.
Open Chrome: full refresh in both browsers.
Open FF: full refresh in all three browsers.

Expected behaviour in a given browser only accurs after opening this browser afer Edge!
Maybe, this is due to other parts of my sitemap. So I will test a tiny demo sitemap tomorrow.