Dynamic text for card switch via item

I am using the latest release of oh3. while setting up the cards/cells I am hoping to be able to have some dynamic text on the switches. I have a snmp based pdu that has a label item and a switch item. I currently have the name of the port be the title. manually type the subtitle as the plugged in device. Is there any way of having that device text which is available from an item be inserted in the cell as it can change on the device and it would be an unreasonable pain to go and manually change that in 2-6 different places every time i need to update the pdu. I have roughly 90 ports right now and may have more as i repair and acquire more pdu’s with 8-16 ports each.

Yes, widgets can be dynamic. The very basics are covered in the Getting Started Tutorial here: Pages - Item Widgets | openHAB. If you want more detail then that, follow the link in that page to the expression docs, and then if you want even more you can read up on really advanced features here: Creating Personal Widgets | openHAB.

And, of course, just about every widget posted on this forum either in the marketplace, tutorials section, or just as part of a question has an example for you to look at.

Awesome I was misunderstanding where the Widgets could be used.