Dynamically create Frames


this is my first post here as im two days into OH:slight_smile:

I’ve searched alot but didnt find a solution for my task. I have ESP32+BME280 sensors in different rooms publishing data to MQTT topic “home/weather” in JSON format:

{'deviceId': 'office', 't': 2.53, 'p': 94134.55, 'time': '2018-03-02T17:16:12.281710388Z', 'h': 79.78}

I want to update sitemap’s Frame depending on the node attribute because it represents a different location. I cant find a way to dynamically create/update frames. So i changed the topics items and sitemaps:


Number temp2 "temp [%s C]" {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/office/weather:state:JSONPATH($.t)]"}
Number press2 "press [%s hPa]" {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/office/weather:state:JSONPATH($.p)]"}
Number hum2 "hum [%s %%]" {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/office/weather:state:JSONPATH($.h)]"}
String nodeId2 "Node [%s]" {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/office/weather:state:JSONPATH($.deviceId)]"}
String dateTime2 "[%s]" {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/office/weather:state:JSONPATH($.time)]"}

Number temperatureOut "temp [%s C]" {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/garden/weather:state:JSONPATH($.t)]"}
Number pressureOut "press [%s hPa]" {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/garden/weather:state:JSONPATH($.p)]"}
Number humidityOut "hum [%s %%]" {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/garden/weather:state:JSONPATH($.h)]"}
String nodeId "Node [%s]" {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/garden/weather:state:JSONPATH($.deviceId)]"}
String dateTime "[%s]" {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/garden/weather:state:JSONPATH($.time)]"}


sitemap home label="Home" {

    Frame label="2nd floor" icon="firstfloor" {
      Text item=temp2 icon="temperature"
      Text item=hum2 icon="humidity"
      Text item=press2 icon="pressure"
      Text item=nodeId2 icon="office"
      Text item=dateTime2 icon="time"
    Frame label="Backyard" icon="garden" {
      Text item=temperatureOut icon="temperature"
      Text item=humidityOut icon="humidity"
      Text item=pressureOut icon="pressure"
      Text item=nodeId icon="garden"
      Text item=dateTime icon="time"

And everything is working fine

  1. As there are many sensors in my home i dont wanna create the same code again and again. As you see its almost identical.
  2. Im not sure how the MQTT Binding and JSONPATH transformer internally work but it looks to me as unneeded JSONPATH parsing to find the right Item.

Thank you!

I’m afraid this is not possible, you will have to configure the whole sitemap.
Even the shortcut by using the group widget would not work here.