Dynamically set group item label


is it possible to set a group’s label dynamically using expressions? What I want to achieve is to modify the values shown within the item dividers which are part of the generated locations ui. I tried to use an expression directly within the item view of the group, but unfortunately the system interprets it as String literal.


You can modify Item labels in server-side rules using undocumented
myItem.label = "bananas"
There is no guarantee when any given UI will pick up an updated version.

Ok, so this is basically unsupported. Too bad :frowning: But thanks for the quick answer

That was about server-side, changing the label of the actual Item.

If you want to show a bit of text on the UI and use code to decide if the text is derived or modified from the label, you should be able to do that in a custom widget.

@rossko57 I have no idea how to set that value in item dividers without changing item label. Widgets are displayed between these.

Me neither, but you can’t change the Item label from the UI. That’s okay, you just want to show a bit of text, and maybe base it on the Item label.
So you’d want to find out how to display arbitrary text. Then you can code to edit that text.