Easiest way to record iPhone GPS location without MQTT?

At the moment I’m using Rotini on Android which send my GPS location at regular intervals through my.openhab. at home this means there is a tablet on the wall that is able to show a map of my location, nice if a family member wants to see how long my commute home us going etc…

My wife has an iPhone… is there something similar that would report GPS locations through my.openhab. I don’t want to use MQTT so own tracks or something like that is no use.

UPDATE : I guess I need to re-iterate that ideally the iOS “app” would communicate with the my.openhab service.

Not that easy, but something like GPSGate Server - there’s apps for IOS that will talk to the GPS Gate then you could pull that information. But it relies on the app being started.

Ideally you’d want to hook in to find my friends since it runs all the time in background

oooh, https://github.com/tylerhall/sosumi

OwnTracks now supports HTTP mode… http://owntracks.org/booklet/tech/http/

Not sure if this is live yet but it is definitely in use in beta/testing.

Yeah I remember seeing that but I’m not sure if my.OpenHAB is compatible…

You can try Locative. It support http GET and POST.

I guess I need to re-iterate that ideally the iOS “app” would communicate with the my.openhab service.

my.openhab supports basic auth. If you can find an app that allows you to provide the username and password as part of the URL (in the past when I tried this on iOS it wasn’t allowed when I tried) it should work. Otherwise, you will need to provide an app that interacts with a cloud service and can authenticate to my.openhab via oauth, like IFTTT.

The syntax would be:

https://username:password@my.openhab.org/<REST API path>

Where username is your email used to log into my.openhab, password is your password, and is the REST path to the Item you want to update.

Thanks @rlkoshak, It looks like owntracks supports authentication but wouldn’t post the payload in the right format :slight_smile:


Can’t you just publish to a virtual String item in openHAB and decode in a rule or transformation?